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At AppyHere, we offer services specifically designed for organizations that hire hourly employees. Our ultimate goal? To simplify the interactions between hiring companies and job seekers. We leverage intelligent hyper automation to fill your positions quickly and make your recruiting REALLY more efficient.

The history of AppyHere

We have to go back to 2012, when this all started.  While Serge Massicotte was GM of Taleo, where he was responsible for providing workforce and talent management solutions to clients such as Starbucks, Tesco, and Walmart, he had a recurring realization about ATS platforms. ATS’ were effective for white collar hiring, but were cumbersome and ineffective for hourly and blue-collar hiring.  And it was apparent that all his clients were facing the same challenge - recruiting and hiring hourly employees.

Serge would move on to become CTO of JDA Software, where he and his VP of Software Development, John Sarvari, began developing the technology and services to solve this problem and simplify the entire recruitment process.  This collaboration built the foundation of what would become AppyHere.  

In 2018, Serge met Martin Mathe who was the VP of HR for Taxelco (a ride-share company in Canada, but drivers are employees), and showed him the 1st version of his solution.  Martin agreed to a Proof of Concept in hopes to improve his candidates experience and speed up his time to hire.  The POC was so successful, that Martin left his 20+ year career in Human Resource and joined Serge to fully launch AppyHere in 2019. And as fate so often does, their paths crossed with Patrick McLean, who had spent the last decade building a successful recruiting company and a reputation that is second to none in the industry. Patrick joined Serge and Martin, completing a trifecta in experience, knowledge and vision.

AppyHere is the culmination of years of dedication and development. And we are still on that same path today, with a mission to continuously improve our solution and simplify the recruitment process for thousands for HR professionals across North America.

Jobs filled with AppyHere so far

More than just technology tools

Beyond a technology application, we offer solutions and coaching to streamline your HR processes and allow you to hire candidates as efficiently as possible - Making your recruiting team more efficient also means they'll love their jobs more - Our innovations have helped big players like Loblaw and Kruger as well as thriving SMBs like Franklin Empire and Taxelco recruit qualified staff quickly

At the heart of what we do


Equal visibility and relevant experience for recruiters and candidates.

Respect and responsibility

A human and empathetic approach throughout the recruitment process.


Respect and equal opportunity for everyone.


New ideas and solutions that deliver desired outcomes.


A process focused on speed of execution and adaptation to accelerate the delivery of results.


Mutual support and sustained participation from all parties.

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